It’s not about the Parkinson’s

If you are here to read about Parkinson’s and how people suffer from it, you are in the wrong place.

Last year, my boyfriend, Michael was officially diagnosed with  Young Onset Parkinson’s. Long story short, it is Parkinson’s that occurs in people younger than 50. YOFP affects about two to ten percent of one million people with PD in the United States. Talk about great luck. No seriously, it has actually been an adventure. I remember when Michael first told me he was diagnosed and I was actually really sad and scared for like one second, but oddly we were both really thankful. Mostly because we were told if he was diagnosed with Huntington disease or Wilson’s disease then his insurance would be dropped. So we felt lucky he had Parkinson’s. People always ask me, before you met did you know Michael had PD?

Truth is, I knew he had something. Our first date we went to go eat All You Can Eat Korean BBQ and I noticed here and there that his hands were trembling, but I guess I just thought he was nervous, it was flattering. After a couple dates, I really started to notice, specially when we were intimate. I was never really worried until I introduced him to my family and they noticed. My mom was very transparent and even told me something was really wrong and it was up to Michael to go figure it out. After a year of dating it progressed, but I was very invested in finishing my undergrad, working forty-five hours a week, and studying abroad in London in between. In January 2018, I insisted Michael meet with a specialist at University of California, Irvine Medical offices. Dr. Morenkova diagnosed Michael with Parkinson’s the end of January 2018. I finally shared it with my family months after, but we were not very open about it, and it really wasn’t my place to share.

The summer of 2018, Michael told me about the 21st nomination with the Anaheim Ducks. The Anaheim Ducks organization nominates someone who is struggling with hardship and helps service their community. I would like to go into more details about how this happened in a more detailed blog soon. Long story short, Michael and I were forced to embrace his Parkinson’s through the excess amount of social media outreach.

So just a brief little recap of how it all started.

About us

Michael and I first met in September of 2016 and it was all thanks to Tinder. Honestly, never in a million years did I think I would go on a tinder date and nevertheless, to meet Michael. Lets be honest, we are both equally attractive, but what holds us together is our similar interests. The only reason I swiped on Michael is because he had a picture of him snowboarding and pictures of him playing Hockey. I love snowboarding, didn’t know much about Hockey, but I am very invested in professional sports. We spend most of our weekends watching college football, basketball, football, and UFC fights. Oh also, we are BOTH, I say both because he might deny it, but both enjoy watching everything BRAVO. That is where the blog name comes from, Vanderpump Rules. He is a major fan, but is probably too cool to admit. Side note: We met Stassi and Beau just recently, and I think he was just excited as I was.  Michael and I both played competitive sports throughout high school and college and are overall super adventurous. I grew up riding quads and camping all throughout my childhood. Michael loves to live life on the edge, literally, he bungee jumps, sky dives, and scuba dives because he likes a good adrenaline rush. He is a little outrageous, but I mean after his diagnosis, his time is pretty limited. Michael asked me to be his girlfriend at a Drake concert in summer sixteen, super random, but another one of our interests is music. After being his girlfriend for about two months, I had made plans prior to meeting him to study abroad. I went to London for ten weeks, and surprisingly, he waited for me. Life before the diagnosis was pretty groovy and today it’s even better.

Circle back soon, as I will go over how our Journey with Parkinson’s began through the Anaheim Ducks and how we are dealing with Parkinson’s as a union. Here is a YouTube video to prepare you!

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